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What days of the week are you opened?

Please see our schedule located On the Location Page of our website. Full details can be found there, but typically we are opened for Grab & Go Lunch Thurs-Sat 11-3; takeout & dine in Dinner Thurs-Sat 4:30-8:30; and both takeout and dine in Brunch Sundays 10-2.

Is the restaurant LGBTQ friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome all types and only discriminate against those who do not pay.

Can I order from The Blue House online?

Yes. We currently use a service called Toast which allows you to not only place an order while we are opened for business, but you can schedule an order for a later time.

Is it still just take out? If so when will dine in start?

Dine-in started the weekend of 07/16/2021!

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, gift certificates can be purchased!

What is your current menu?

Please see the menu section of our website or visit our online ordering link for the most current version of our menu.